Thursday, March 12, 2009

Dog Funeral from 1921

Christian Sinclair sent me this great photo of a dog funeral from 1921. 

You can see it in more detail, along with a fairly heated discussion about whether money should be spent on a headstone for a dog, at this link

I'm sure it surprises no one that people are paying tribute to deceased pets. We've talked before about the debate over being buried with your pet. 

But it's great to see an actual photograph documenting the interest. I love that it's such a social occasion—several friends have gathered, bringing their dogs along, all to mourn "Buster" together. And I love knowing that the modern American obsession with dogs is at least 90 years old. 


Fran said...

Jessica, I'm SO far behind on readings, still trying to figure out how best to share "Solace," which I find really beautiful. My husband Bud edited a great book (well, OK, I'm prejudiced, but it's still selling pretty gung-ho on Amazon) "Old Dogs Remembered," an anthology of non-fiction & poems by writers -- E.B.White, Wordsworth, Updike, interesting collection -- doing just that. Had to mention it. Thankyou for this fine site.

Jessica Knapp said...

I understand getting behind on reading/writing. I have my share of those periods myself. Always glad to see a comment from you, whenever you have the time to read.

I'll look up your husband's book. It sounds very interesting. I'll let my mom know, too. She loves old writings, photographs, anything about dogs.