Tuesday, March 17, 2009

So what if this is just an excuse to post this video?

Another slow day at work, which means more YouTube time

Russia has announced it is modernizing and expanding its military, which led a coworker and me to a discussion about how much more open and direct—sometimes even darker—the Russian sensibility can be when dealing with military operations and even death in general.

Some YouTube searching of their military technology led us to this video, which looks to be propaganda in favor of one of their tanks. It's brilliant.


Gail Rae said...

Yeow! I'm a minor aficionado of war and weaponry and I'm impressed! I noticed this is circa 1/1999...not that this means anything. This is a wonderfully complete little package: Aside from covering the utility and usability of this machine (it even suggests it can be easily maintained on the battlefield), the intermingling of the tank in action with the predator in action is emotionally succinct.
Makes me wish I understood Russian. One of my nieces does...maybe she remembers enough to translate this. I'll ask her. In the meantime, I notice that the two words which are chorused throughout and end the video, although I'm sure they aren't English, sound like "search" and "snout", both which of are appropriate!

Jessica Knapp said...

Oh my gosh, I have a coworker who would be grateful to you forever if you found out the translation of any of this.

It's kind of crazy ... but these are the types of things you stumble upon when you're a proofreader who has to be at her desk in case work appears and no work is appearing all day.