Tuesday, March 24, 2009

"Freak Accidents"

Just wanted to restate something I said in my post last week about Natasha Richardson.

I called her fall a freak accident. While it is accurately an accident and is undoubtedly tragic, calling it "freak" makes it sound more out-of-the-ordinary than is accurate. And as I have written before, falls are the third most common cause of accidental death.

I don't want to be sensationalistic now, do I?


Anonymous said...

Hey Jess, I know this isn't part of the topic, but Mrs. Saad died today. It weird but I haven't talked to her since highschool. I am sad and can't stop crying. I kind of wish I never saw the post on facebook, forever she would of just been a special person in my life.

Jessica Knapp said...

Your art teacher Mrs. Saad? That is sad. I'm sorry to hear that.

That's an interesting complication of Facebook, isn't it? Immediate notification of some of those life facts we otherwise might just find out about through the grapevine or at high school reunions years down the road.

I imagine a lot of people are upset about her death. She was an inspirational teacher for lots of folks. I never had a class with her, but I remember lots of my friends loving her classes.