Monday, March 16, 2009

Death isn't just for dead people

So, a bit of an offbeat post, but it's been a slow day at work, and I have been watching episodes of the live-action Tick series on YouTube.

Here are a couple of clips of the Tick waxing philosophical on death. The first one starts right out and goes until about the 50-second mark. The second clip starts about 35 seconds in.


Anonymous said...

Amazing! I remember that episode! But completely forgot that speech he made in start. Even potatoes die, I know. I love it! I want him to talk at my death! Thank Jess for my favorite quote of the day!

Christian Sinclair, MD said...

Tick the comic book - Outstanding
Tick the Cartoon TV show - Good but spotty
Tick the live TV show - so disappointed

But I did try to watch it. Thanks for finding this.

Did you recognize the actor who plays Batmanuel? It is from one of your current favorite TV shows...

I know those non-eyelined male eyes anywhere they are so creepy.

Jessica Knapp said...

It's Richard Alpert! It's such a different character, it took me a bit to place him.

I actually like the live-action TV show ... but it is definitely strange and not for everyone. Not as good as the comic and cartoon though.