Thursday, March 12, 2009

Washington State's First Execution in Eight years

For most of the past six months, my home state has been on the verge of its first execution since 2001.

Two separate executions have been cycling through the legal system. One is the possible execution of Darold Stenson, who was convicted of killing his wife and business partner in 1993. A judge ordered a stay on that execution in early December (for at least 90 days). I'm not sure where it stands right now.  

And now, it appears, barring any further appeals, that Cal Coburn Brown will be executed at 12:01 am on Friday—in other words, late tonight, early tomorrow morning.  

The immediate prospect of an execution always raises the issue of whether the legal system should be killing people, especially in an area like Washington where it doesn't happen very often. 

Here, from the Seattle Times is a pro–death penalty piece and a con–death penalty piece. Anyone else care to add their voice? 

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