Friday, May 30, 2008

Needing Some Avodart Action on Lost

Have you seen those commercials for the enlarged prostate drug Avodart where the tagline is essentially let's "bring this down to size." I need a little of that prescription for Lost right now. (BTW: Don't read this entry if you haven't watched the finale yet. And you can do that for free online.) For the second time in the same season, the producers left us hanging as to whether Jin was alive or dead. The boat he was on exploded into essentially nothing, so it seems like he is gone, but this show blurs the lines between life and death/past and future so readily, you can't ever be sure until they really spell it out for you. And Michael, who was on the same boat was essentially welcomed into the afterlife by Christian Shephard. I guess he's become the island's resident spiritual guide? Anyway, I'm overwhelmed and exhausted by this development.

As I wrote yesterday, Jin is one of my favorite characters, and I've enjoyed watching him for several years now. I really feel manipulated, and it sounds overly dramatic to hear myself even say it, but the only way I know how to process to confused emotions I'm feeling about this manipulation is to limit the extent to which I care about this show. I have to shrink up the part of me that cares about Lost. Let's bring it down to size.


Michael said...

It's tough to imagine how Jin and his cheekbones would have survived that blast, but you never know.... When the Oceanic Six members were talking about Jeremy Bentham I had a feeling it was Locke, but I didn't want to believe he was dead. It's somewhat interesting that his name and pseudonym are both English philosophers, one a Utilitarian, the other an empiricist.

Jessica Knapp said...

"Jin and his cheekbones ... " Yes, thank you Michael :) That made my night. I agree, it doesn't look like something a person could survive. But we're talking about a TV show on which they moved an island. And remember how hard it was for them to kill off Mikhail last year? I'm just saying, it's not entirely clear, and I'm being a little pissy and put out that it's not made clear for me, for the second time in this season.

I noticed the philosopher connection between Bentham and Locke. I like all of the literary/historical allusions they make in this show. I'm sure you have also noticed Rousseau and Desmond David Hume.

But I guess Locke will be dead at the end of season 5? Although with flashbacks, visions, etc., he could stay on the show for the entire run.

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