Thursday, May 22, 2008

Most Common Elements in Memorial Tattoos

I'm working on a post about memorial tattoos (more on that later) but while researching, I ran across this list of some of the most common elements in memorial tattoos, from this webpage. I thought it was worth sharing:
  1. The birth and death dates
  2. A depiction of something he or she loved, such as a specific animal, an instrument or the name of his or her children
  3. A symbol of his or her zodiac sign
  4. A portrait of the beloved’s face
  5. Red and/or white roses and other floral designs
  6. Hearts
  7. An angel or cherub
  8. Stars
  9. The deceased’s birthstone
Do you have a memorial tattoo? Does yours include any of those elements? Why did you design yours the way your did?

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