Monday, June 2, 2008

A fashion legacy

The man who made it stylish for women to wear suits passed away over the weekend. Yves Saint Laurent will likely be remembered for making it okay for women to wear pants—at work, in the evening, for any occasion at which it is suitable for a man to wear pants. And as a feminist, I love him for that. Women can wear dresses, but you don't have to be constricted by them when it's inconvenient. And as a fashion-conscious woman, I love that he focused on classic design. He was a big proponent of women filling their wardrobes with classic pieces that would last for years, instead of buying new trendy pieces every season. If you shop that way, you can save money.

I find it interesting that he has such a clear and distinct legacy already set out for him. Other lasting effects of his designs and his life make emerge as years go by, but it's hard not to see his legacy already all set before us here the day after his death.

Here's his obituary from the New York Times.

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