Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Robert Rauschenberg is Dead :(

One of my favorite artists, Robert Rauschenberg, has passed away. He was truly a modernist ... not just for his technique and subject matter, but for his willingness to switch styles. Rauschenberg was amazingly prolific. Even being somewhat studied in his work, I could walk into a museum and be completely floored by something of his that broke what I thought was the Rauschenberg mold. The New York Times has an obituary for him online. It's four pages long. Four pages! Most of their obits are two, maybe three pages. So what, you might say? Well, that extra page is one way the Old Gray Lady is telling us they think this man is important. And well, for what it's worth, I do too.


Anonymous said...

I like the frowning face icon, it makes it CUTE!

Anonymous said...

..and that poster is a JERK!