Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Medium Provides A Message

This photo is from my sister (commenter CRKodama). It's of our parents' backyard last winter. She sent it to me over email and wrote, "When I was taking photos in the backyard, I was trying to pick out the best one. I was looking at them on the Wii so they were as big as the TV, and I noticed this one. I am not saying it's a ghost, but if you look at it, it looks like a woman or girl posing for the camera in a purple outfit, in front of the tree and on the Wii she looked like she had leather tie boots like a native american. Dad said, 'That looks like a person, turn it off.' It creeped him out! I thought it was cool!"
You can see the figure she is talking about outlined in white, against the tree. Now, I don't know if I believe in ghosts or not, and I don't know if I believe it's possible to take pictures of ghosts or not ... but it's fun to think about. Do other people have photos like this, or have you heard stories about such photos? I took one on a high school trip to England. It was at William the Conquerer's castle and had a blob of what looked like white light that couldn't be explained by the flash or the position of sun. Whatever you believe on the subject, I'd be interested to hear. I thought this would be fun to share. I also thought my dad's reaction was sweet. He LOVES his backyard and I don't think he was wants photographic evidence that he's sharing it with an other-worldly being.


Anonymous said...

WTF! Today on Oprah it was all about death. Past lives and that kind of stuff. It's weird once you look, you see death everywhere! All the deaths all over the world. All the horrible things happening in China. SO MUCH DEATH.
I was watching Japan's news and what I remember is trops pulling out a highschool girl in a yellow tee-shirt and looking fashionable. She was crush and dead, but all I could think about (while I put on my socks and fixed my hair) is how she woke up for school and thought about her outfit, maybe she was trying to look cute for a boy. I hope she didin't suffer.
I have to say I hate unfair deaths! FUCK YOU DEATH!
Sometimes I think about when I read manga, what if I die before the series ends. What if I never get to know the ending. I am sure I won't care, but it's weird to think about.

Jessica Knapp said...

I saw that episode of Oprah last night—about past life regression. It was very interesting. I liked the attitude the show took to the subject matter: Sometimes with issues that big, whether they be medical, spiritual, life and death, etc., we should explore first and then look for data instead of demanding data before we will even explore. So, in that spirit, I try to keep my mind open. I can't I go so far as to have a belief in it though.

You are clearly very empathetic anonymous. (I think this is CRKodama who forgot her password). That is a heartbreaking image that you describe—the young girl in her cute little outfit, who clearly took time to make herself look fashionable for the day ahead, being pulled out of rubble.

As I said in my post about Melissa Block's reporting, I'm a fan of public grief. It's important that we take time to feel tragedy that happens to humanity in general. We also must protect our emotions and know when to turn off the TV, stop reading the newspaper for a while. Take breaks when you need to.

And as for seeing death everywhere, the human brain is very good at abstracting. I think if you were to examine life from any particular lens, you would be surprised how many examples you found. You might try the exercise sometime with examples of disability in pop-culture, or examples of pet-related issues, just to see how often things come up. I think it would surprise you.