Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Would you want to be buried with your pet?

Washington State Senator Ken Jacobsen is purposing a bill that would make it legal for the remains of cats and dogs to be buried alongside their owners.

He says he was inspired by the recent passing of his beloved cat Sam.

I'm not sure exactly how the logistics of all of this would work, but since it's unlikely pet and owner would die at the same time, I'm guessing the pet remains would somehow be saved to be added to the owner remains once the owner passes. That part's a little creepy.

As it stands, it is illegal for pet remains to be buried in a human cemetery. For many people, there is something about the sanctity of human remains that the concept of a pet's remains might defile.

I don't see the need to hold on to my pet's remains. I've always found that urge a bit strange ... but it also wouldn't bother me if someone wanted to have their dog or cat with them in a cemetery. However, I say this as someone who probably wants to be cremated and doesn't have a whole lot of interest in what happens to my body after I die. I know other people feel differently.

I'm curious if anyone has any strong reactions to this bill though.

P.S. I will of course update if this gets passed. Senator Jacobsen has a history of starting strange legislation, and it's a tough year full of more pressing priorities (hello economy), but I'll be sure to blog if anything interesting develops out of this situation.


Anonymous said...

I can't imagine any human that I would rather rest near than any of my beloved pets; especially my Pupster, Razberry, Sampson, Fancy, or Honey.

joseph said...

joe: i would love to have my sadie a long side me she has given me more happiness in my life then anything!! It would make me at peace to know that her and i would be together for eternity for she is my Life