Thursday, January 29, 2009

January Poll Says "No" to Assisted Suicide on Television

So, my polls are always completely unscientific, being that they're internet polls that simply take the opinion of people who visit my blog and chose to vote. 

I can tell who comments if the posts aren't anonymous, but I do not track who visits. I track numbers of visitors, but that's it. 

Nonetheless, I find it interesting to ask questions, and I like having at least one interactive element on my blog. 

I've never had such a one-sided poll result before this month! 

To the January question: "Should an assisted suicide be aired on television?" the resounding answer is "No." 

1 "Yes", 22 "No," and 2 "I Don't Know." And, I have no way to know this for sure, but I would guess that people who visit this blog are more likely to be interested in talking/reading about death than the average person. So, it seems people do not want to see PAS on TV. 

It makes me wish I remembered better how the country reacted when 60 Minutes aired an assisted suicide enacted by Dr. Kevorkian in 1998

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