Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Death Threats to Patrons of Seattle Gay Bars

Some creep is using the threat of death to communicate an anti-gay message to the residents of Seattle.

Anonymous letters were sent to 11 bars in Capitol Hill, Seattle's largest urban neighborhood, and a historic home of much of Seattle's gay population. Many of the targeted bars are either specifically gay bars or just happen to draw a large gay clientele.

The letters claim to be from someone in possession of the poison ricin. He/she threatens to use it on at least five patrons from each of the 11 bars.

A letter was also sent to The Stranger, Seattle's leading weekly paper, advising them to watch for the deaths. It was addressed to their obituary section.

At this point, no one is really sure whether these are empty threats or whether real attempts will be made to use ricin. I'll keep you updated as more info. comes out. You can see a copy of the actual letter at this link.

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