Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Roland Burris Erects Mausoleum with His Qualifications

Roland Burris has erected a mausoleum in a Chicago cemetery that lists his accomplishments and qualifications for the office of senator. WTF?

I think he has his symbolism confused.

He seems to have wanted to put out his resume in a way that would grab great attention and show that he was grand. By using the stone and building a big structure, maybe he thought he was building something like a statue—monuments often built to great figures in society. But great figures do not build statues to themselves. And their accomplishments are not literally listed out on those statues.

He has greatly confused matters by putting this thing in a cemetery. Is he suggesting that it will one day serve as the mark of his entire life, and he will add to it the remainder of his accomplishments? Even if that is the case, building it now, in the middle of a media controversy over his senate seat, makes it look like an argument for his ability to serve.

It seems the use of a cemetery was merely accidental, as if it was the only place he could get land. Because, what public park would house this thing? I feel sorry for the friends and family of people who are actually resting in this cemetery.

Roland Burris sure seems like a piece of work.

(image from CNN)

Update: I've done some more research, and it appears Burris has had this monument for awhile; it's just getting lots of attention now because of him being at the center of a controversy. I'm a little disappointed that media outlets aren't making that more clear in their reporting. It seems to be a big distinction.

Anyway, the monument is certainly a reflection of a large ego ... but at least it wasn't done as an argument for his senatorship. And hey, he's making some plans for his death—which is more than a lot of people can say.


Christian Sinclair, MD said...

I was thinking some of the same things you were. Good positive spin on the 'planning ahead' at the end. I am impressed with your spin-ability!

Jessica Knapp said...

Well, thank you. I felt like this particular post was a bit rambling. It sort of came out as my thoughts were developing, and I don't usually write that way ... but I'm glad you found stuff you enjoyed in it.