Monday, November 3, 2008

Suicide: Restrict the Means, Part II

A man jumped off of Seattle's Aurora Bridge this morning shortly after rush hour, in an attempt to kill himself: The extent of his injuries are not known right now.

I'd like to re-link to this post I wrote in July about a NY Times article that discusses the effectiveness of restricting the means of suicide.

Contrary to what some people may think, for people suffering from depression, suicidal thoughts can be fleeting. Restricting their access to the means of suicide—by putting up better barriers on bridges like Seattle's Aurora Bridge—can actually dramatically cut down on the number of deaths by suicide. Studies show, people will not just go find another way to kill themselves. If thwarted, the urge may very well pass, and they will realize the folly of their thinking, and seek help. So let's put up a better barrier on the Aurora Bridge, Seattle!

And really, Seattle Times, why do you enable comments on an article about attempted suicide? You're just asking for tacky, thoughtless dribble to be written about a sensitive subject that deserves more respect.

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Anonymous said...

How horrible I hope that person survives and gets the help they so badly need!
I agree with Jessica about the bridge railing guards.
What an easy fix to save lives.