Thursday, November 6, 2008

Initiative 1000—Death with Dignity—Update

Officials in Olympia have begun drafting legislation for Washington state's new death with dignity law. According to The Seattle Times, they have four months to come up with the exact law ... because it goes into effect on March 4.

Ah, also, just found this. ... has an even better article with more information. Two points of note. The piece points out that any legal challenges to the law could be difficult since Oregon's law has been upheld by the Supreme Court. Also, it quotes Jennifer Hanscom, spokeswoman from the Washington State Medical Association, which opposed the initiative: "She said it will be looking closely at the initiative language to see if there's room for improvements, but 'we are not actively seeking any changes.'"

Both facts are good to hear, although I'll be surprised if implementation is not some sort of struggle, if for no other reason than Seattle and Washington state are famous for over-processing everything!

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