Thursday, April 2, 2009

Planning for Your Funeral in Advance ... and Personalizing It

The Today Show has a story about the need to pre-plan your funeral. 

Meredith Vieira interviews the authors of Grave Expectations who were inspired by attending several funerals that did not reflect the character of the deceased. 

From the small amount I've been involved in funeral planning for other people, I find it's usually done in stressful, emotional circumstances, and you don't have the frame of mind to really think through what would reflect that person's personality. 

If you want your funeral to reflect your own style, I think planning it in advance for yourself is a great way to go. Plus, you can really take burden off of loved ones in terms of logistics and finances. 
Also, if you watch the piece, I love the idea of the "vid-stone" ... but would it hold up to the elements?  


risaden said...

Way cool! I really liked this upbeat report! I liked the green coffin and I had the same question about the video. I've given this some thought, but clearly not enough. And damn right, I should pay for it in advance, take some of the stress off.

Jessica Knapp said...

If you like the attitude of these ladies, you'd probably really like the book. I looked at it on Amazon, and they had the "look inside" feature activated. It seems really happy and upbeat.

I haven't done enough advance planning for funeral issues. I have thought about medical situations, so I don't end up on life support ... but I haven't done enough for the funeral at all. And I know life insurance can cover some of the costs, but for instance, my grandfather had paid for his plot YEARS in advance, and that was a big financial relief to the family.

I love in the clip how they come back the bad funeral, drink some champagne, and then sit down to talk about how they could do it better. They seem to have a good attitude about life, death, everything.