Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Pet Euthanasia

Dethmama has a sick doggie, and will be euthanizing her later in the week. (My thoughts are with you, Dethmama). Her beautiful post about the emotional experience is here.

It prompted me to do a little research, and I found this link with suggestions for some things people should be aware of/prepared for before making an appointment for a euthanasia. For example, make sure to tell the receptionist at the vet's office that you want to see the vet when he/she is not in a hurry.

Also, Dethmama has scheduled an in-home euthanasia, so her dog can spend its last moments in the comfort of its own environment. I didn't know that was an option, but looking around online, it appears that many vets offers that service. Something to keep in mine, since many of us will sadly be faced with this decision one day.

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dethmama said...

Thank you, so much, Jessica. Having your thoughts with us on Friday means so much to me. Having the vet come to my home makes a tremendous difference for my peace of mind.