Friday, February 6, 2009

Vial of Life

I ran across this item at Bartell Drugs. They were selling them at the counter for a $1 donation.

The product is called Vial of Life. It's basically a large prescription pill bottle, and it comes with a magnet and some paperwork. You put the magnet on your fridge, fill out the paperwork in the bottle, and place the bottle in your fridge.

The magnet lets any emergency medical workers who might be called to your residence know that you have a Vial of Life in your fridge.

The paperwork includes information on medications, whether you have an advance directive, contact information for family members, any do not resuscitate orders you may have, even medical records if you want.

There is also an online version that involves affixing paperwork to the front of your refrigerator in a plastic bag.

The program is aimed at seniors, but it could be useful for anyone who has health problems. I love the idea of encouraging people to store their pertinent medical information in an easily accessible spot, especially in a way that emergency workers can find if they have to treat you while you are unconscious.

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