Thursday, August 20, 2009

Medical Futility Statues

Thaddeus Pope of Medical Futility Blog has worked on a piece that has just been published in a new book called The Many Ways We Talk About Death in Contemporary Society

Thaddeus' piece is titled "Medical Futility Statues: Can They Be Resuscitated?" A full table of contents is available here

Here's a publisher's description of the book as a whole:
"This interdisciplinary work examines the representation of death in traditional and 'new' media, explores the meaning of assassination and suicide in a post 9/11 context, and grapples with the use of legal and medical tools that affect the quest for a 'good death.' The contributors treat their interrelated topics from the perspective of their expertise in medicine, law, psychology, anthropology, sociology, political science, religion, philosophy, literature, media, and visual culture."

Congratulations Thaddeus. It looks like a fascinating read. 

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