Friday, October 17, 2008

"I'm not afraid of dying ... I'm just afraid of dying like this."

A quote from this piece in today's Seattle PI. The article covers some of what has happened over the 10 years Oregon's Death with Dignity law has been in place. I think it does a better job of providing a balanced overview than The Seattle Times piece did. (Less focus on exceptions, more compilation of overall statistics, although it's still a bit negative and fear-laden for my tastes.) The visual I include here is from the PI's article.

I hope this law passes. But right now, I'm so happy to see an article about the way we face death on the front page of Seattle's daily paper. This is definitely a step toward helping us all talk about death to the extent we should. Yay!

Also, I promise a thoughtful, non–I-1000 related post soon. It's just been in the news and on my mind a lot lately.

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