Friday, October 31, 2008

Debunking I-1000 Ad Claims

The Seattle Times has a nice piece today debunking some of the claims made by the latest advertising pro and con Initiative 1000. Anyone who reads this blog can tell I'm a supporter of death with dignity ... but I've been a little critical of ads on both sides. I hate most political ads, and both camps in this fight have really prayed upon people's fear of death and the sadness of losing a loved one.

I'd like to see more reasoned debate like this on both sides. Today's article is a nice start, but perhaps a bit late, five days before the election.

You can watch two of the more recent ads ... and then read the article.

Pro I-1000

Con I-1000

I find the Pro ad to be a little manipulative and the Con ad to shamelessly play upon fear. I just hate the line "Suicide is a mistake you can only make once." That's one of those bumper-sticker phrases that's constructed in a way that nobody can possibly argue against. But see what you think.

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