Sunday, August 24, 2008

terrier extravaganza

This morning, I went over to Marymoor Park to check out the Sammamish Kennel Club's all breed dog show. I went specifically to see the border terriers ... because that's what I have and that's what I love. (Not that I don't love all dogs. I just have a special place in my heart for the borders.)

It was so much fun to see a whole cluster of them prancing around in the ring. Their sturdy little physiques, their cute beards, their perky dispositions. Border terriers are not all that common ... at least around Seattle they're not ... so I don't see them very often. And there must have been about 20 at the show. Oh, it made my weekend!

My mom came with me. After the border terriers finished their show, we asked one of the owners if we could pet her dog, and I told her I had one at home. Anyway, turns out, she had puppies at the show with her! So, not only did I get to see a whole gaggle of border terriers, I got to see puppies too.

I'm sharing some of my favorite photos of the day. The final photo is a wheaten terrier—my mother's favorite dog. This female won today, and she was so sweet. Her name was Teagan.


Anonymous said...

Komugi says HI!
Thanks for the pictures and bragging that you got to go to the dog show without me! POOP
But really thanks for such cute photos!

Jessica Knapp said...

You're welcome. I know; there were so many people I wish I could have had at the show with me. It really was a great time. I didn't even realize it was coming up until the last minute. I'll try to do a better job of looking out for it in advance next year so I can invite more people to come along.

Glad you enjoy the pictures, anyway :)

Shai Frog Llama Grapefruit said...

this is a nice break from death. i'm not a dog person myself, but the hardier varieties if Terrier are quite pleasing, yes? especially the plucky breeds, ie. Bordies.