Monday, April 14, 2008

Truck Tribute

Saw this truck over the weekend. The text in the rear mirror is a dedication to a deceased friend. It says "In Loving Memory," the friend's name and then "1987–2008" framed by two crosses. I've seen several messages like this, posted on cars, in the last year or so, and I don't think I've ever seen anything like this before this last year. I wonder what the intent of the driver/car-owner is? Are they dedicating their car to the deceased? Are they dedicating their driving to the deceased? This particular driver was fairly reckless, so I'd hate to think they were driving "In Loving Memory" of whoever this person was. So what is going on in their heads when they post something like this on their cars? I'm pretty puzzled by the trend. All I can figure so far is that, maybe it's mostly young people doing it. (In this case at least, the person who died was around 21.) A car might be the only thing of value that they own. Possibly, they're in a sense "branding" the highest-value item in their life with their friend's name and memory. It still doesn't sit easy with me, and that doesn't entirely explain the motivation, but maybe that's a start. Other thoughts?


Anonymous said...

Maybe people put "in memory" decals on their possessions,like they put tattoos on their bodies. I think it may make us somehow feel closer to that person, no matter how absurd.

Jessica Knapp said...

Yes! Tattoos are a great example. I should write a post about that. Thank you for the idea. You know for some reason, I find marking a body easier to understand than marking a possession. But again, I can't quite put my finger on why the possession aspect strikes me as odd.