Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Eleanor Clift on the radio

On Point, one of my favorite, favorite radio programs, has an interview with Newsweek and McLaughlin Group contributor Eleanor Clift talking about her new book Two Weeks of Life: A Memoir of Love Death and Politics. I've mentioned it before. In it, she sweetly contrasts her husband Tom Brazaitis's hospice death from cancer to Terri Schiavo's high-profile fiasco of a death. (Schiavo died a day after Clift's husband.) Clift and Brazaitis did all that seemed medically reasonable to treat his cancer, including whole brain radiation ... and then when medically reasonable options had been exhausted, they moved on to allowing Tom to die at home with hospice care, surrounded by friends and loved ones. I think that's as close to a good death as this man could have gotten, dying as young as he did, from a vicious cancer. I am personally glad Ms. Clift is speaking and writing so openly about her experiences and helping to push this public dialogue forward.
I recommend the book and might recommend listening to her speak about the book even more highly. Here's an excerpt of Two Weeks of Life if you're interested.

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