Thursday, July 30, 2009

Fran Johns has a new blog

A sign of how out of the loop I've been lately (due to a cross-country move), Fran Johns has a new blog, and it's taken me a month to notice. 

But enough about me: The blog is excellent. 

Fran focuses on issues facing the elderly, and Baby Boomers who have elderly parents. The current post shares the thoughts of a retired California physician on Death with Dignity now that he is facing his own mortality. It's amazing! 

Other posts address housing options for seniors and palliative care. 

The site doesn't load real well format-wise on my Mac computer, but it looks like the site is still in beta testing, and it's worth bearing with any format issues to get to the content. Fran is one of my favorite writers in the blogosphere, and I try to read every word she posts. Trust me; she's that good. 

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