Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Death with Dignity—Not a Trend

I must apologize for being a couple of weeks late catching this editorial. ...

It's from The Oregonian, and it argues that Washington State's recently passed Death with Dignity Act is not simply another fluke, like Oregon's, but the beginning of a larger national trend.

The author, Don Colburn, points out that the Death with Dignity Act captured 59% of the vote and won 33 of 39 counties in Washington. That means, it didn't fall into the typical, Seattle and other big cities vs. eastern Washington and other more rural areas—a fairly typical liberal/conservative divide in this state. The initiative also outdid our Democratic governor, who won reelection. And it outdid Obama, who won the state.

So yes, Washington state can be fairly progressive and fairly liberal, but Colburn shows us that it's not just progressive liberals supporting Death with Dignity. Compassion and Choices has mentioned many times their desire to spread this work to other parts of the country. We just have to keep pushing the dialogue forward.


dethmama said...

Yes, it seems that this issue is able to transcend liberal/conservative lines. It speaks to a fundamental human concern and one's need to have choices.

Jessica Knapp said...

Boy, I really hope so. I find it encouraging how well the initiative did in Washington state, despite some of the fear-based advertising against it. But, call me a cynic, I get so nervous whenever I'm full of hope about anything that has to go through the political process.